It Ain't Easy Being Evil

by Dyno Gee

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Chaotic, Neutral, Absurd, Inspiration, Destruction, Hardcore, Pop, Punk, Progressive, Metal, Ska, Folk, Hip-hop, Pop, Anarchist, Abstract, Portraits, Tragic Character, Bizarro Landscapes,
It Ain't Easy Being Evil...But Somebody's Got to Do It


released January 21, 2016

Dyno Gee #001

Dyno Gee:

Ben Diebold - Vocals, Guitar, Trumpet

John Diebold - Bass, Vocals, Synth, Trumpet

Marcus James - Drums and Percussion

Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered by Nathan Iversen at 921 Cleveland Studio (August 2015 - January 2016)

Produced by Nathan Iversen and Ben Diebold

All Songs and Lyrics Written by Ben Diebold

(C) Dyno Gee 2015



all rights reserved


Dyno Gee Detroit, Michigan

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Track Name: Headstones and Stoned
"Headstones and Stoned"

Quit school to be a ghoul
Been dead for 47 years
Toke in the graveyard all alone
Headstones and stoned

MJ keeps me insane
Cops call me chronically deranged
But I found a home where the corpses moan
Headstones and stoned

And at night
When the moon exudes its light
The skeletons so elegantly rise
In the gloom
When the stiffs embrace the mood
Atrophied phalanges start to move

Pass on the left hand side
Rules ain't changed when you've died

Quit life
To feel alright
Bathed in blood for 47 years
Blaze in the place with the bones in holes
Headstones and stoned

In the day
When the darkness fades away
The cursed return to their graves
I don't mind
I just duck behind a grave
Waiting just in time to wake and bake

Pass on the left hand side
Rules ain't changed when you've died

Green ghost to keep me whole
Addiction sicker than it seems
Still got a body but I sold my soul
Headstones and stoned
Track Name: I Think I'm in Love with a Dead Egyptian Princess
"I Think I'm in Love with a Dead Egyptian Princess"

Chip away
Her fate is lost and won
Derfull of all the calls to something mor
Ral of the storee
Action isn't only
Lonelier and older though you are

Solid ground
I found it out
The count is more or less
On of the day is save the grave for last
Ing your impressen
Sational in essence
Messenger that lurks in the furniture

Every now and then you know I think I get a bright idea but I was wrong
I lead you on
Faster walking backwards past the phantoms of the past
You lead me home

Triple eight
A simple neighborhood
From none to all
Ters never falter
Rain arranged in
Long before the mission
Better late than living
Barely left the layers aye diggit

Every single time I find a diamond I will mine it and pull it from the dirt
Instincts emerge
Searchin for the person with a purpose in this earth
I breathe her curse

Now she will live again
Because I found her
A gold sarcophagus
All that surrounds her
Guess I've been under her spell
Knelt there diggin all these days
God bless the poor soul who felt the force pull
Of the Egyptian Princess from beyond the grave
Track Name: Return to Sender
"Return to Sender"

Inner city passerby
The fiction says there's friction where the passions lie
Acid sky alive keep asking why

Simple livin hanger on
We'll meet up when we see each other later on
Even through the fever carry on

A warning holding down on each of your limbs
The morning glories are the hypocrites
I didn't write this part who gives a shit

You know that it makes me happy
That the whole world hasta get wet some times
In the zone grab hold if it's worth having
Souls get old don't pass me by
And I'm Lonely in my home through the snowy cold of winter
As I whisper return to sender

Land of lovers, land of greed
Fossilized desires, tired refugees
Destiny we see is a disease

Floatin over get a holda yourself
A soldier motivated, waitin for hell
Ordinary oceans moan, oh well

Track Name: Insect Confectionery
"Insect Confectionery"

Odd or even
If it falls monopoly vit
Anyone for any reason
Wasn't treason yesterday

Cousin slaughtered for the flora
Anyone could be a goner
If the fauna have their way

Give a inch
Take a name
Problem solver your appalled, you're fascinated
You'd better wish on a plane
Shooting star, exuding awe
We're glad you made it

No one ever hears the sound
And no one ever will
Can't decide
You had to fight it
I will kill

Limited warning signs invite the orange ignition
The conspiracy smeared to insist a finished mission
The incision beginning to itch like a bastard
And the last word is absurd

Faulty notice
Makes the haze seem out of focus
Breathe the heat don't sugar coat it
Seize the moment, keep the faith

Take it all
Lend a shoulder
Soot n' saddle ruined the battle
Bought and sold her

Live the lie
Or die a martyr
We can cauterize the wine and find the water

But no one ever hears the sound
And no one ever will
Can't decide
You had to fight it
I will kill
Track Name: Gettin' High At Cedar Point
"Gettin' High At Cedar Point"

Disaster Transport
Relax this is what you asked for
Acid/(I sit) on a roller coaster
Magic monster, holy ghoster
Going through a tunnel of love

The Magnum XL
Handgun gon break my brain cells
I wait patient, peepin the last car
Ass deep, knees up, cheating the lap bar
Going up a mountain of love

On the Demon Drop
Perceiving all
The elevator waits to fall
Gotta offer up, I flip my palms
Abe Lincoln sings as we learn to float

Miasmic export
Relax this is what God made necks for
Hurl through my fingertips
Blurred fool but I exist
Puking up a fountain of love

On the Demon Drop
Perceiving all
The elevator waits to fall
Gotta pay the toll, to save my soul
Pennies ascending in the flow
Track Name: The Lonestar Gunner
"The Lonestar Gunner"

Minnesota outta get up and go to the show
Illinois you know you gotta be going home
Mississippi it's a pity that must be so
And I can't go

On inside an artifact exacting an attack
Inebriated deviation inside a Cadillac
Honestly I wanna be as cautious as I can
Cuz I've been this way for 15 miles and I ain't going back

Oh Louisiana, never was a fan of
Hiding the evidence
It's better since I can never go home
Never was a liar, wanted a messiah
Caught in the offer of all for the unknown

On beside an avalanche exacting an extraction
Inundated insulation, environmental reaction
Cautiously it's forcing me to pour some in the can
Cuz I've been this way for 15 years and I ain't going back
Track Name: Inspiration

Odd enough I'm outta luck
But the hardest part is I can't stand up

No shit its obvious
Gotta rock in front of an audience

Odd enough I'm fired up
Solid hours by the book
Rotten flowers signing off
Startin something small til the flames erupt

Feel animation
Nintendo ovulation
Fallin in Satan's shit

Waves are breaking on my chest
And my fable ain't even famous yet

The tidal march hits all of us
Subscription omnibus
Final call from the nautilus
Diggin farther down til it's ominous

Feel animation
Nintendo ovulation
Fallin in Satan's shit

In the middle of a battle there’s a little left to live
And with the safety of a halo settin in, but then indefinitely
Breathing in the aether and the noxious oxygen
Indifferent engines swell the Ellimist machine
And every Halloween we'd take all our clothes off by the fire and howl at the moon
And every Christmas we did this too

Feel animation
This is my inspiration
Fallin in Satan's shit

Track Name: Better Every Day
"Better Every Day"

Sippin liquids
Lemon licking on your lips
Makes my britches shift indeed I may
Have rebuckled my knickerbockers below the knee
With no modesty
Impressin pigeons
Electing to reflect on our differences
I met a princess yes
But the megalopolis
Was no metropolis it seems to me

That inside of this asylum
I’m feeling better everyday
Cuz this sandwich tastes like psilocybin
I've been flying out the way
Of society
I’ve been locked in by decree
But I might just bust out to see, you

Holdin mittens
Cold and sittin on a bench
As I place a kiss upon your neck
Extra curricular I’m ditching outta church
With no penitence
Discussin issues
But a scuffle with the law unduly ensues
I met a princess yes
Out in her summer dress
Got an unfit punishment
It seems to me


Numerous exchanges had
By the gate while I'm runnin with the coppers on my ass
Caging kids for cash
They're masters of my destiny
But that ain't impressin me

Cuz all I've got is time in this asylum
I’ve been flying out the way
They say I'm criminally violent
I say there the ones to blame
Guess I'm better off
A blank slate, sedated, bombed
But I'm plotting my escape
Ill get outta here some way
Feeling better every day
And I miss you
Track Name: Oil

Started out, time by the ounce
Carry on a wanderer
Times up, the tide's in, over and out
Here and now
I'm onta ya

To deliver the energy Beverly naturally had to be passin the factory
After they packaged the product and actually
Passed it too fastly the fuck through the faculty
After they said that they wouldn't
Everybody understood that if they rushed or fucked it up
An explosion would rocket through it
Losing fuel, and the tour'd be over
The lonely soul on the float would die of fire or fight the over exposure
Floatin face the fuck up in the sea
Hollow meat
And you cant drink the fucking ocean you'd be better of with a potion of gasoline

I'm drinking gasoline
Straight out the bottle
Cuz I can't seem to swallow the sea
But the sea will swallow me

Coastin in line, it's unfoldin in time
I'm chokin in the heated air
Fed up with yesterdays lines
Cheddar hater
Fuck a millionaire

She arrived on the island in time to be finding
A sign of the tribe of the vine of enlightenment
Sent to unwind us in times that are violent
And find us a call in a calmful environment
Lying inside each and leeching a Zion
Beseeching and reaching an iron that's higher
The final design of a childish fire
Ignited to hire the wild desire to
Pile on the miles one after another
The sauna starts to implode
And then the Impala will smother
The hardest part of it all is that the honest will suffer
You're caught up in the progress, yeah even you and your mother

Track Name: Life (Is a Terminal Diagnosis)
"Life (Is a Terminal Diagnosis)"

Paranoia fair enough
Freein up
Peanuts are deadlier than a bomb
Long gone in a fog of Mardi Gras
The car alarm goes on and on

Mona Lisa is my bitch
Orange pizza is persistent to live
Hit list in a silver bathroom stall
Carved up on the canvas wall

Cuz polio erodes
The only poison poised to kill me
And ain't no medicine there's ever been
But in California there's a sweet lovin' lady
And eleven liters of mescaline
Track Name: Father Forgive Us the Sins of Our Youth
"Father Forgive Us the Sins of Our Youth"

Father forgive us the sins of our youth
When our hearts were still soft and our eyes were still new
Fridays are my days and your days are blue
And heaven ain't too far away

Farmers remember the love that we shared
When our harvests were full and the weather was fair
Seems that the seasons are keeping us here
And heaven ain't going nowhere

Starving out of a garden
Started fallin on my own
Full on to the mother lode

Livin inside the fences
Defenses feeling the farthest foes
It's cold out when the weather blows
And it blows

Father forgive us the sins of our youth
When our offerings faltered and haunted our view
Streamline the divine
The peace sign I do
And heaven is all around you